Summer in a glass…

Sorry no bloggy for so long. I had great intentions of posting another free sock pattern, and have yet to complete writing it up (the socks are completed however, and are lovely.
May is almost over (how did that happen?) and pool weather is upon us. We had some friends over Saturday night, and I put on a summery Mexican feast. Check out this menu – so delicious and easy!! Smoky beef tacos I also made the side dishes to go with and it was a super meal. I was also requested to make my favourite margaritas, the recipe which was passed to me from a friend who is a great cook. I was dubious at first, now I am a believer.

Here is the recipe: 2 Coronas, 1 can of frozen limeade and 1 cup of tequila. Mix these ingredients in a pitcher of ice. Add sliced limes for fanciness. Enjoy. Cooking a complicated recipe for 10 people? Knitting a complicated lace shawl? Consider cutting back on the tequila to 2/3 or 3/4 of a cup. Serve and enjoy!! So much easier than blending frozen strawberries and lime juice…and I don’t even care for Corona that much…unless I’m eating Thai or Indian food. You simply have to try this to believe how yummy it is. So enthusiastic am I about this drink, that the last time I took my 2 young kids to the Liquor Store, they immediately spotted the tequila and ran up to it shouting joyfully – Mom, look Mom Tequila! Mom! It’s tequila!!(as if I add it to my coffee in the mornings). I did get a few funny looks…Remember – drink responsibly!!


...it's the second one that gets you...so be warned..

3 magical ingredients...

Summer in a Pitcher

limes add a touch of , er, fanciness...


2 thoughts on “Summer in a glass…

  1. Love the ballwinder in the first picture . . . and the . . . ahem . . . beautiful lilacs 🙂

    I do look forward to coming down for one of those exact drinks by the pool on a hot day!!

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