Summer of the striped sock…

Hottest, sunniest summer here since 1999. As a result there has been a lot of this:

…and a lot of this:

…tons of this:

….so after failing at a successful gauge with Ishbel, I as usual returned to my comfort zone, SOCKS!  I started knitting some toe-up, striped socks with a short row heel, and here is what I came up with:

Seriously. I am feeling a little redundant. I have another pair on the needles in Regia hand-dye effects. After they are completed, I swear I’m going to knit something else 😀

I made it out to Briggs and Little on Friday afternoon, to exchange some yarn. I had 12 leftover skeins, none of them the same colour. Briggs and Little lets you exchange them, as long as the tags are still one. It was a nice sunny drive.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood, it is worth it to go. The people working there are so nice, helpful and down to earth. I love the seconds bin (2$ a skein!!)

I know I am very late this February Lady Sweater party, but I’ve always wanted to make one with Briggs and Little Heritage in a pale grey. That will probably be a fall project.


3 thoughts on “Summer of the striped sock…

  1. Was always led to believe that tension didn’t matter when lace knitting 🙂 someone useless with tension..thats what I’m sticking too.!!
    Tried knitspot patterns yet ? am loving them so far..

    • well, I believe you’re correct with respect to gauge and lace. Just the fabric with the needle and lace I had was extremely holey! It was not at all the density of fabric I was looking for….and yes, it is extremely rare for me to check gauge anyway 🙂
      I love the knitspot patterns! Haven’t tried any of hers yet but I have faved many of them on Ravelry.

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