Time to make the doughnuts….

Gosh this fall is flying fast. I’m going to make this post short and sweet. Firstly, another free pattern. I hope you enjoy it. A simple and classic mitten made with worsted weight wool. Get your Houndstooth Check Mittens here:  houndstooth mitts

You can download it here, from my Boxnet widget, or over on Ravelry. Search for me and my designs “hotcheese” or try searching “Houndstooth Check Mittens”.

Secondly: doughnuts. Oh yes I did. A Martha recipe for Pumpkin Cornmeal doughnuts. I dusted some with cinnamon sugar and for some I whipped up a glaze comprised of maple syrup, icing sugar and a dash of milk. YUM!

It’s probably a good thing I’ve only used my deep fryer 5 times in 5 years…but it is fun to have when you want something decadent.

Your heart says no....but your taste buds say hell yes!


10 thoughts on “Time to make the doughnuts….

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  2. I am making the houndstooth mitts and running into a question at the thumb. Instructions say to pick up a stitch at the base as shown in the chart, but the chart does not show an extra stitch on row 26. There is a make 1 on row 21, is that the extra? Anyone else confused?

    • Hi Lianne, sorry for my delay in replying (holiday fun and all that) and sorry you are running into some confusion. From what I understand, you have completed the increases for the thumb gusset and are about to take the thumb stitches off and place them on a holder? You simply cast on one stitch where the thumb gusset was (it is now on a holder) in the main colour to provide continuity of the pattern. The one stitch you cast on in the main colour is part of the line that runs up each side of the mitten. Does that help?

  3. Thanks for getting back to me, I know it’s a busy time of year.
    The problem was with the thumb itself. There are 18 stitches on the holder and the pattern has 18 stitches, no room to pick one up. My solution was to pick up one stitch to fill in the gap at the base of the thumb, then knit 2 together on the next row.
    I made these for a friend and she loves them. Thanks for the pattern.

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