…old habits die hard, if at all

I could also say a zebra doesn’t change it’s stripes – hardy har. Christmas knitting is going well. This week I was inspired to make some mittens lined with alpaca that I’ve had in my stash for years. Of course I went back to my favourite sort of colourwork…stripes. Tres preppy, non? You can buy the pattern here Michele’s Mittens.

I plan to churn out a couple more pairs of these for Christmas presents. Then I hope to get back to some non-mitten related knitting! I am also cooking up another free pattern. I hope to have it up here next week…


5 thoughts on “…old habits die hard, if at all

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  2. I LOVE THE PATTERN. I have made socks on Magic Loop. Do you think I can make these? Can I use self-striping yarn. My hands and feet are always cold. On Raverly it says the pattern is $4.00 and on here it says $3.00, which is it? Thanks

    • Hi there, I changed the price a while ago, but I forgot to update the blog post here. I paid for the services of a professional tech editor, so the price was increased to $4. Yes, self striping yarn works perfectly with this pattern. I have knit a couple of pairs using self-striping yarn. I also magic loop so I definitely think you can do this.
      Happy holidays and happy knitting to you!

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