It tastes like Canadian Tire.

That is what my 6 year old said when I asked her why she didn’t like the no name vitamins I bought at a pharmacy chain, hoping to save a few bucks. It really made me think…what in fact does Canadian Tire taste like? of course rubber tires comes to mind. The things kids say, but I thought this comment was indeed thought provoking. (For those that don’t know, Canadian Tire is an automotive parts store and a hardware store combined). Last week I made beef bourgignon, and she commented that it tasted terrible. I asked her why thinking she might say “too many mushrooms” but instead she said “it tastes like pig”. If you want unabashed honesty ask a kid.

Christmas knitting is ongoing, and I must admit I am getting tired already. I am really looking forward to starting a sweater for myself, but I will soldier on because I have a great gift stash built up. Not only does it save money, but I feel really good about giving hand made gifts. That and giving Ganong chocolates since I live in New Brunswick…my Dad likes to tell us about how he would buy his family a 5 lb box of Ganong chocolates at Christmas time for something ridiculous like 4$ (and of course the requisite anecdotes of how deep the snow was, the paper route was uphill both ways, etc.) I finished a particularly nice pair of newfie mitts this week, and have another pair almost complete.

I also made it to the Briggs and Little sale this week. It was amazing. Their annual sale consists of their regular yarns (Heritage, Regal, sport and durasport and Tuffy) are all on for 3$ a skein. Then they have a seconds bin which is all for 1$. I think I did quite well in the seconds bin this year. Here is a look at the shop, and some of the wonderful yarns.

What a wonderful place to visit. I get very inspired every time I can make it to Briggs and Little. The history, the friendly people, the colours!


6 thoughts on “It tastes like Canadian Tire.

  1. Post your loot on the blog! I want to see what you got!

    Wow… 5 lbs of chocolate for 4$? I’ve been craving chocolate for a few days now and I have none in the house. I’ve been dying over here for some & I’m not a big chocolate eater, but being pregnant makes me crave foods I don’t normally eat. 🙂

  2. I love this blog & the title. Commenting on Briggs & Little. I am knitting with their yarn for the first time, a pair of mittens, and they are turning out great! It’s their Soft-Spun Hand-Painted. It’s beautiful yet practical. I’m so looking forward to wearing them. Maybe one day I will make it up to N.B. to the shop. Might be a fun road trip. I love the Newfie Mittens, also. I am now a fan of your designs on Ravelry.

    • Thanks so much! Yes, Briggs and Little is a big knitting tradition around here, especially for mittens. I adore so many of their colours and heathery colourways. It is definitely worth a trip IMO. I hope your mittens turn out great!

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