Powerless before cherries, dark chocolate and toffee…

…I can’t stop eating these cookies. A few years ago, these were Martha Stewart’s cookie of the year. My dear friend Ann makes them every year, and raves about them. This year, determined to make a delicious cookie not covered in icing and shaped like reindeer, I decided to give them a go. So, check this: oatmeal cookie with dark chocolate, Skor bits and dried cherries. To die for. I must have eaten 5 today, and promptly put the rest in the freezer, because I obviously can’t walk by the cookie tin without snarfing one down! They are Martha Stewart’s Oatmeal Toffee cookies, and I’m telling you, they are a real treat. I went whole hog (bad word choice, I know) with my favourite dark chocolate chips (Ghiradelli). I know, I know. They don’t look like much. Looks, in this case, are very deceiving.

I thought I would also share this fun link for milk carton wallets. I did a knitting group swap last week, and threw in one of these little wallets I like to make, and everyone was oohing and ahhing over them. They’re a cinch to make, and kids love them! I find myself  sometimes buying drinks I wouldn’t normally buy, thinking of how cute the wallet will be 🙂 They’re great for holding cash or a gift card, too. Cool and easy!


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