The Hot Cheese Dip Hall of Fame Part 3

Happy New Year’s Everyone – OK, here is another of my fave dips which inevitably involves hot cheese in some capacity. Again, suspension of some doubt may be required. Especially if you have never bought Pillsbury dough (I only buy it for this dip, honestly).

Spicy/Sweet Gouda Dip

1 “can” Pillsbury dough crescent rolls

1 jar jalapeno jelly (I love the Palmalito brand, as it is very spicy and sweet, so it is perfect for this dish)

Some Gouda…the amount can vary, I usually buy a wedge that resembles a half pound of butter (volume-wise)

So, take an oven-safe dish and press half the Pillsbury dough into the bottom of your dish. Smooth it out as best you can, but don’t worry – no one will see it. Next, cube your cheese into sugar cube-sized pieces. Throw them into the dish. Now spoon some jelly here and there over the cheese. Don’t be shy – just blop it here and there. I guess I add almost as much jelly as cheese, but you can choose. Now take the remainder of the dough, and cover the top, trying to pinch the edges of the dough closed as best as you can. Bake in a 350 degree F oven for 20 to 30 minutes, until the top is golden brown and the dip is bubbling out the sides. Serve with a hearty cracker, and a spoon or a spreader for your guests (again, Wheat Thins are perfect here).

Here is what it looks like baked:

This dip is a hit at parties! I am bringing one to a party tonight. Happy New Year everyone 🙂


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