Knitting 2011 resolutions

Every year I try to come up some knitting resolutions, like learning a new skill, or perish forbid making a sweater (I am not very good at making sweaters – I seem to enjoy more portable things.
This year I am making one simple resolution – knit the good stuff. No hesitation, just knit it. You see, I am prone to keeping a skein of luxury yarn and waiting for that perfect project to come along..and you know what? It really is just a bit of indecisiveness on my part. With Ravelry around, there is no shortage of perfect patterns…
So after I finished my Christmas knitting, my dear friend Michele encouraged me to knit something for myself, with some yarn I have been adoring for a few months, kicking around my stash – Zauberball Schokocreme! I think I just really like saying Schokocreme…anyway here is my Schokocreme, and another colourway that I can’t remember the name of:

And so I cast on some mittens I have been dying to make (my own design – Striped Decadence Mittens) and I am thrilled with the result. My first pair of lined mitts!

So, in keeping with my resolve to knit the good stuff…a-stash diving I will go. I hope to get a pair of socks on the needles in short order, and I need a new hat. I just got a short hair cut and it makes berets hard to wear! I wish everyone happy knitting in 2011, and let me know if you have any knitting resolutions as well.


5 thoughts on “Knitting 2011 resolutions

    • well, it was inevitable I guess. I needed a pair for me! I did change my ravatar on Ravelry with my new ‘do. I still haven’t settled on a hat pattern – there are too many to choose from!

  1. Great mittens! I want to get my hands on a copy of your mitten pattern. Maybe once taxes are done, if I get a refund. (Gotta love maternity leave and taking a cut in pay!)

    That’s a fantastic goal – I should try that too. I also hoard luxury yarn… oops!

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