Do you cupcake?

I do. I find at a party, cupcakes are great. No need to cut pieces up for everyone…no forks required – at least in this house. The recipe I make the most frequently are the famous/infamous Magnolia cupcakes of NY City fame – the vanilla/vanilla offering. Very unlike me, but it does make the perfect party cupcake. A real crowd pleaser. There is also a recipe for the vanilla buttercream. Please do use the unsalted butter. It makes a huge difference.

I know, I know. The cupcake thing was very trendy 4 and 5 years ago, less so now…but please. I deplore dessert trendiness in so much as these wonderful desserts do not deserve to be cast aside! Remember the Tiramisu trendiness of the 90s? Gosh, that still burns me up…tiramisu did not deserve that. But I digress….any half rate baker can whip these up. Add a pastry bag and tip and you’re in cupcake heaven! I personally can’t stand sprinkles, but they do look pretty… I would also highly recommend Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes…yum!


4 thoughts on “Do you cupcake?

  1. I love cupcakes. They’re totally not diet food though – LOL. I’ve been sooo good since the beginning of the year. I just got that cupcake “tray” storage container. I actually went to get one for my step-MIL for mother’s day (it was on sale recently) and got one for myself too. Is yours the 3 in 1 for cakes too?

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