What are you knitting for?

Knitting ADD has set in for me again. I think that is one thing I love about Christmas knitting – the purpose, drive, deadline – everything I need to get focussed and get knitting! These days I am a bit lost in terms of project selection.

I finished a pair of plain, toe-up socks with a short row heel, and they were a delight for me. I seemed to be in the mood for some bright, self-striping workhorse yarn, and a pattern that didn’t require a lot of thinking. Interestingly, I talked to a friend after I cast these on, and she was starting a toe-up pair herself. When it came time to start a pattern, or work in stockinette, she simply couldn’t bear to work a plain sock and instead opted for a simple lace pattern. It really made me think about why we knit, and what we get out of it. I obviously had no interest in being challenged mentally, wanted to relax and multi-task (I have been listening to audio books lately while knitting). Perhaps I can’t focus as clearly as other knitters. Certainly I enjoy stockinette socks, and the way they feel in my boots or clogs, preferring them over cabled ones.

It really made me think about my late teens through my early twenties when I was an very adventurous knitter – always challenging myself with difficult patterns. I find now I knit for relaxation and pleasure, not wanting to challenge myself very much. Perhaps that will change. I completed this pair as well, converting a simple rib pattern to toe-up. The pattern is called Bloody Mary by Sandra Park and it is free!

How times have changed. Below this is my oldest, dare I say WIP – truly a languishing WIP. This is Alice Starmore’s Erin cardigan. I happily knit 5 sweaters and cardigans from her Celtic Collection book, but then I started this 17 colour, steeked cardigan, and began a Master’s degree in Engineering at the same time. Needless to say knitting took a back seat back then. I recognize that this may be a breeze to make for a lot of knitters. What killed me were the panels of celtic creatures that were not repeating or geometric. Gah! So here sits my cardigan. I must admit I have very little interest in finishing it, but I do think it may make a nice pillow. I think I will sew it up as is and stuff it. It will serve as a lovely memory of when I knit for a challenge. Btw – no I am not expecting, but yes, I did eat way too many cupcakes last week 🙂 So what do you knit for? Relaxation? Mental challenge? I am curious, let me know.


4 thoughts on “What are you knitting for?

  1. I had a section of a fair-isle sweater, about the same size as yours. It sat for years and years. Finally, I seamed it up into a tube and knit ribbing on the unfinished edge. Voila! Beautiful cowl that gets TONS of compliments any time I wear it!

  2. Oh wow, great projects! I haven’t finished a pair of socks in a while. Must get on that. I have a crap load of single socks! Seriously!

    I knit for relaxation, as well as the challenge (depending on the project)

    • Lately I am trying to always have a pair on the needles, but I don’t always succeed. They are still my favourite thing to make! Your patterns have been calling my name lately, too. So many awesome sock patterns, so little time.

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