Finger knitting – your cat will love it!

After Christmas I started volunteering at my daughter’s school a couple of mornings a week to provide some enrichment to her Grade 1 Class. I thought finger knitting might be fun for the children since it is quick and relatively easy to learn, and it provides them with a good set of skills (patience, concentration, hand-eye co-ordination).  It is also a great precursor to knitting. Here is the You tube video that I use when I need to refresh myself with the cast-on and cast-off: Fingerknitting. Give it a try – it is really fun, and maybe you can teach a child you know. All you need is a ball of yarn and a little hand!

Kids love to make a little scarf, or head band. In our case, a scarf was lovingly made for our cat. It is pictured above arranged into a heart on a chair. You can see what she thinks of her scarf in the picture below.

Don’t worry. She only wore the scarf for the photo shoot. I think the look in her eyes clearly says “I will kill you while you sleep.”




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