Meg mittens and a Stripe Study

There is definitely a crispness in the air these last few days; make no mistake, fall is coming fast!

I finished a lovely project last week: the Stripe Study shawl. It turned out larger than I anticipated, but I really love it. What a fantastic pattern. I made mine with Opal sock yarn is shades of grey.

I also completed a new mitten design I have been working on the last few weeks. I wanted to challenge myself to come up with a pattern, of course it is graphic and stripey 🙂 that would work up quickly on 5mm needles so that I could make some for Christmas gifting. So here they are: Meg Mittens. Update: November 23, 2011: Briggs and Little have bought this pattern from me. They intend to make it available either as a download on their website, or as a printed pattern leaflet.


One thought on “Meg mittens and a Stripe Study

  1. Wow & Wow. Funny how your shawl ends up larger than you anticipated and the one I was working on – WAY smaller than I anticipated. LOVE your Meg Mitten pattern!

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