KnitEast: Black Ops knitting

I was fortunate enough to attend KnitEast this past weekend in beautiful St. Andrews, New Brunswick. A friend called it a Knitting Superbowl for New Brunswick…well said! I managed to swing a sock class on Saturday with Cat Bordhi and a lace class with Stephanie McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) on Sunday. Stephanie also gave a highly entertaining talk on Saturday night, which was followed by a fashion show. Other teachers at KnitEast included Veronik Avery, Lucy Neatby and Jane Thornley.

My head is still reeling from all the information I absorbed on the weekend. These were not classes for beginner knitters. Stephanie called the latter part of our class on Sunday, getting into the realm of “Black Ops knitting”. Some of these charts were not for the faint of heart.

Good friends, great knitters and some stash enhancement opportunities….a great weekend that I will always remember. Here are some pics from the weekend.

A picture of a cowl/shawlette exchange that I helped CelticCaston organize. The projects were gorgeous! So were the knitters 🙂

A moment to put our feet up on the rooftop patio of the Algonquin hotel.

Cat Bordhi was every bit as charming as her books. And a wonderful teacher to boot.

I was so thrilled to spend a day listening to Cat…she was so patient as she helped all of us fit our socks using her methods.

Some of my classmates…very fun ladies and good friends…

We knit all day!

The evening talk with the Yarn Harlot was hilarious. I enjoyed her, well, I guess I would call it knitting stand up comedy, immensely. Yes, that is beer in front of her. Yes, this is the Maritimes 🙂

The Algonquin Hotel has been rumoured to be the inspiration for the hotel from The Shining by Stephen King ( it’s not, that is a hotel in Colorado in the movie called The Stanley Hotel). Anyway, it is still spooky and dim in the old parts of the hotel at night. Redrum!

I learned so much in Stephanie’s class. It was truly amazing. She brought some of her lovely projects, too. I could listen to that woman talk all day, and I did!

I wish I could go back this weekend and do it all again.

And of course, Cricket Cove put on a lovely market, which I had difficulty leaving empty handed each and every time I walked through. Below is a pure wool yarn made especially for KnitEast by the Fleece Artist in the colourway elderberry.I hope there will be a KnitEast again in the near future. Maybe in a couple of years so I can knit through some of my new stash:D


3 thoughts on “KnitEast: Black Ops knitting

  1. Black Ops Knitting! That’s hilarious!! Ya, I think I’ve got a case of postpartum Knit East blues. 😉 That photo of the hallway seriously shouts “The Shining”!! Eeeek, LOL!

    Cool photos, it’s nice to see more shots of the weekend! 🙂

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