The kids are getting ready to Boo some neighbours tonight. It’s a fun Hallowe’en tradition that we do in our neighbourhood. First assemble a bag of treats. I usually include some dollar store delights like balloons, stickers, pencils and bouncy balls. Of course I also include a few candies 🙂

Then we include a note. Every year, I am sure it is different, but the gist of it is this: Boo! You have just been boo’ed by The Ghost. Now you must boo someone else (or 2 or 3) before hallowe’en night. Hang this picture in your window so people know you have already been boo’ed. Happy Hallowe’en, The Ghost

So you sneak around just after dark, leave the bag on someone’s doorstep and then run and hide! Of course, this is the best part 🙂 So if your doorbell rings just after dark tonight….you just may have been visited by The Ghost!

I finally have a pair of Hallowe’en socks, too. I made them with KnitPicks Stroll in Pumpkin and some black Regia I had kicking around. No pattern here, just a basic toe-up striped sock.

I finally completed a Brooklet cowl. The pattern is Brooklet by Cecily Glowik McLeod. The yarn I used is a fingering weight: Sea Wool by the Black Lamb.

I also made another Zauberball striped shawl, this time a Simple City shawl, using crazy zauberball. So easy and fun.

A couple of crafty things I would like to get to before Hallowe’en: how cute are these painted rocks? same goes for this pumpkin or apple centrepiece. Also, be sure to check out Tanis Fiber Arts…she has another giveaway on her site and it is some kind of gorgeous.

Next up…some Christmas crafting…


3 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Boo-ing sounds like a fun idea! I think I will have to remember that for next year! Remind me when you start yours? Lol

    Wow, you have been on a roll with knitting! Great projects! Love the Halloween socks!

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