Some more FOs and some new club yarn

I thought I would start off with some FOs that I have completed recently. I made a sweater! and it fits!! and I actually gauge swatched….and…wait for it…washed my gauge swatch!!! I know, right? I think that statement totally needed to have 3 exclamation points.

The sweater I made is the Classic Raglan by Jane Richmond, which is a really well-written clear pattern. I heartily recommend it. I used Lion Brand’s Fishermen’s Wool (less than 2 skeins) as inspired by Kelly (CelticCaston). Incidentally, the folks over at Canadian Living are doing a Knitalong this month with this pattern.

It totally works with my plaid and gingham shirt collection (at least in my fashion-backward mind it does). 🙂 I have the child’s version of this pattern as well and plan to knit one for my daughter soon. I think it would be great in a Cascade superwash.

I also completed these really fun socks from a Woolgirl kit that a friend gifted to me….these were soooo fun to make:

The toe and heel yarn (red) is Zen Yarn Garden sock yarn…not sure which type but OMG YUM!! The dark grey and white striped yarn is by Bellwether Sock by Studio Avenue Six, also delightful. I just made my own toe-up socks on 2.25 needles, 60 stitches around. I could definitely get used to those adorable Woolgirl kits!

In another first for me…I made a baby sweater for a neighbour. I’ve made hats and booties…but never a baby sweater. I used Tanis’ pattern called Sunnyside and it was just so fun to make. Very simple, too. I used some bright and cheery pink yarn I had in my stash and it worked out very well.

I was lucky enough to receive Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour Club for Christmas, and I thought I would share January’s shipment, which I am quite partial to:

The colour is called Truffle, and is on her Blue Label sock yarn…love!

I also ordered the February Hazel Knits sock club, on her Artisan sock base:

The top colour is called Salted caramel and the bottom is called Big Red. Swoon! The package also came with some delicious salted caramels. I’m really looking forward to knitting with these yarns.


9 thoughts on “Some more FOs and some new club yarn

    • haha thank you! I must admit to not gauge swatching very often, so for me it was kind of a big deal, although I know I should do it all the time. I am actually just about to frog the beginning of a vest because it’s too big, and guess what I didn’t check before starting 😉

      • Of course. 🙂 I think we get so excited to cast on that we just don’t want to make that boring old square…not to mention that I feel it’s a waste of good yarn. 🙂

  1. Love the stash enhancement. Thanks for sharing! Oh wow! Love the sweater! Looks great. Totally make one in a child’s size.

    Cute socks too! Love that the heels are in a different color.

  2. I have been looking to knit a basic sweater and this one seems to fit the bill.
    Hope you don’t mind, I may have a few questions along the way.
    If I start now I may just have it finished for fall.

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