Farewell my friend…

Orbit came to us on Canada Day, July 1, 1999. We already had our hands full with a 65 pound terrier we had adopted from the SPCA the previous year, and I was not looking for a second dog. Orbit was found wandering around on the train bridge downtown trying to follow people home. we searched for his owners, called the vet clinics and the SPCA, but no one claimed him. He had had a rough start and was significantly underweight, not neutered, and had not received any kind of training but he was a quick study. He was terrified of men and brooms for quite some time, but he came around fairly quickly. Our vet said Orbit was between 3 and 5 years of age (in 1999!).

So he stayed, and worked his way into our lives, and into our hearts very deeply. He became my biggest fan, and I his. Orbit was that dog who never really needed a leash, he listened so well, and was extremely well behaved in the house, too. I can take no credit for his behaviour. He just came that way. Quiet, laid back and sometimes a bit reserved, Orbit was always easy to please. Cross country skiing, at the beach, out for a long hike or having a lazy day on the couch. As long as he was with his family, he was happy and satisfied. That is one of the wonderful things about pets; they remind us that the best things in life aren’t things. Orbit had a nice long life that was healthy until about 6 months ago. He was fed table scraps daily, and slept on my bed. No regrets. He was great company. Thanks for all the wonderful years and memories, Orbit. You are missed!



9 thoughts on “Farewell my friend…

  1. Aw Sarah . . . that was so nice! Must have been a tough one to write . . . I even had tears in my eyes. I’ll miss the little guy also 😦

    • Thanks. I was actually having a little giggle. Orbit has that look in his eyes in the pics that the kids are holding him as if to say “are you sure this is a good idea?” ha ha! Yes, he is sorely missed here.

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