Knitting therapy

After my dog passed away last month, I threw myself into knitting Aidez, as part of CelticCastOn’s knit along, and it really did help. To be able to focus on something not too difficult, while knitting with a lovely soft yarn, was indeed knitting therapy for me. Initially, I was so daunted by this pattern as I frequently am when looking at a cabled pattern,  but it really was so simple to make. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! My Ravelry project page is here. As people say, time heals all wounds, and I am missing my old friend, but I am also getting to the point where I can think about him without crying, but instead smile to myself and remember all the good days we had together.

I am really pleased with it. It really is a beautiful pattern.

I also completed another vest. This pattern is called Angostura by Ysolda Teague and I can’t overstate what a wonderful pattern it is. Fun to knit, minimal finishing, a perfect fit. I made it with less than 3 skeins of Cascade 220 to boot.

I also had the pleasure of test knitting Kelly’s  (of CelticCastOn fame) first design, Stormont, a unisex cabled hat. I used Cascade 220 for mine, or rather, my daughter’s. It is super sweet on her! Congrats on your first pattern, Kelly!

I also used some of my leftover yarn from Aidez to make a Sideways Grande Cloche. It turned out really well, and was fun to make, but as with most hats and short hair….well…see for yourself:

Maybe some make up would help? Short hair and winter hats…yikes. The answer may be to grow my hair longer! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Knitting therapy

  1. Have you ever had your hair long? Very cute projects hun!

    I can’t believe how many projects you’ve knit recently, while I’m still stuck on one cardi. (Though I have 3/4 of one sleeve left & the button band to go… getting there!) And not to mention the Xmas Teacher gifts I need to crochet… I better get cracking!

    So sorry to hear about your dog ;( My deepest condolences. Are you guys okay?

    • Yes, my hair has had many long and short phases. I just cut it short a couple of years ago after about 8 years of long hair. Thanks for your kind words! Yes, we are all missing our dog, but we are recovering nicely. He was just around for so long, he was a real part of the family. Yeah, I have been knitting a ton! Getting back into garment knitting it would seem. I can’t wait to see your finished cardi, Robyn!

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