Ardour: lined colourwork mittens

Truth be told I have had this mitten pattern completed for over a year. I had a mitten knitted up but I wasn’t loving my colours. You know how stash works…you have tons of yarn and yet none of the colours look good or contrast enough  then I tried again with some earth tones,  and it was pretty enough, yet underwhelming. So after a good hibernation, I started fresh. Red and white, another pair in pale blue and red, an improved thumb design and since I really couldn’t help myself, an optional laceweight liner for a touch of luxury. Here is a link to my Ravelry project page: Ardour mittens. I added a 2 colour icord and a little tassel to make them extra special.

You can buy the pattern here for $5.00 US.

It is worked in worsted weight yarn, knit at a tight gauge for warmth and wind resistance. The lace weight liner is knit with the same needle size as the outer mitten to provide a delicate gauzy liner that adds a surprising amount of warmth to the mitten. To make this mitten, required skills are colourwork and reading from a chart. Don’t be intimidated, though. Colourwork is easier than it looks and great fun.

The mittens can be made with or without the liner. The colour runs are short (the longest being only 4 stitches) so nothing to snag fingers on, and the mitten may be made with a ribbed cuff, or an icord cast-on and a colourwork cuff. I trimmed the red and white pair with a 2 colour finger knit cord and a tassel; a little pom pom would be lovely as well.

The palm is patterned differently than the top of the mitten, with the thumb gore placed to the side and slightly underneath the top of the mitten for a comfortable fit.

I hope to make some more for Christmas gifts this year. I find homemade mittens are usually very well received. I need to cast on some more! I also would like to thank my test knitters; Kelly, Meredith, my Ravelry pals Michele, Lesley, Debbie and Julie.  Thanks for testing and all your feedback!


7 thoughts on “Ardour: lined colourwork mittens

    • well, the length of the mitten body and thumb can be easily adjusted. The small size does fit my 8 year old in terms of width, but I would have to omit some rows to make hers shorter. The circumference for a small is 7″ around the palm. The mitten sizes are small medium and large.

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