FO: Antler

I have wanted to knit an Antler cardigan since Christmas 2012. That month, Tincanknits had a special offer to get a free pattern from them using a coupon code. I obviously chose Antler.


So just before Christmas, I scored 6 skeins of Madelintosh Vintage in a wonderful creamy white, with warm hints of grey. Little Knits was having a sale. Darn that Little Knits! Little Knits sometimes means BigVisabill.

The colourway is Antler.  Perfect post-Christmas knitting. The pattern is seamless, bottom-up construction and I made no mods except I reduced the length of the sleeves by 1 inch. This cardigan seemed to fly by; knitting with 5 mm needles after knitting socks makes it seem as though you are knitting with trees. I made sure to alternate skeins the whole way through, since I find with hand dyed yarn you can have a skein that is darker or lighter than the others. It is difficult to see in the photos but there are areas that are more grey than others.


I adore the simplicity of this piece, and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it. I pretty much live in jeans, tees and sweaters and I didn’t have a home made off white cardigan. This piece really fits the bill.



The cardigan fit before blocking but grew slightly in the blocking process. The yarn also relaxed beautifully and has a wonderful drape. I recommend giving this yarn a try. It is really nice to work with. My Ravelry project page is here.


Goofy pose!

So now I am free to knit a project or two for the Ravellenic games! Are you participating?


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