FO: Reverb



For the first time, I officially participated in the Ravellenic games. I am a huge Olympics fan, and I particularly love the Winter Olympics so I am not sure why I waited so long to participate.

Anyway, I have had three sweater quantities of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter languishing in my stash, waiting for that perfect project to come along. I hemmed and hawed over many patterns, and swatched and swatched. I had originally bought some orange Shelter in the colour Embers for a Reverb cardigan, and I ended up coming back to that pattern. I love knitting top down sweaters! Plus I am just so in love with orange right now….a perfect fit.


I followed the pattern as written. It is clear and simple. I really love how the button bands are knit separately and then seamed on afterwards. The seams provide structure, and the way they are constructed allows the designs lovely linear design to continue uninterrupted. Love!


I loved knitting with the Shelter! It is so loosely spun that it provides a lofty and warm sweater without any heaviness. I noticed the lightness of my garment immediately as I was knitting it.

I did use just over 7 50 gram skeins of Shelter, and I was surprised at how underweight a few of my skeins were. The lowest I measured was 45 grams, however, that is quite significant! When paying 12.50 US for a 50 gram skein, I expect my full 50 grams. I weighed another skein I swatched with and found another 45 gram Shelter skein. So, a bit if a thumbs down for that….

Also, this is not surprising but I broke the yarn three times when I was seaming the button bands to the front of my sweater….very easy to do!

All in all, I am a bit in love with Shelter and I am curious to see how it will hold up. I am really hoping for no pilling! I also love their colours so




2 thoughts on “FO: Reverb

  1. That is so beautiful, Sarah. It is so very flattering and I love the colour too. You have me wanting to cast on ( now! ) with my Shelter which has also been languishing on the shelf.

    • Thank you, Debbie! I am sure you will enjoy working with the Shelter yarn. Am I inspiring you to cast on? 🙂 after knitting two sweaters back to back, I am enjoying a sock sabbatical for the time being.

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