FO: Forbidden City socks


I always like to have a pair of plain socks on the needles for those times when you have some sitting around time, but not necessarily the luxury of attentiveness to details or charts. I also find plain stockinette stitch socks incredibly comfortable to wear, so it’s a win-win for me.


Last year, I was on my way to Washington, DC for a trip and on the way placed my first order with the Simply Sock Yarn Company. The Addi Sock Rocket needles had just recently been released and I wanted to try out a set (I do love them), and at the same time I decided to try out a skein of their house self-striping sock yarn, Poste Yarn Self-Striping. The yarn is made up of 75% Corriedale wool, 25% nylon for durability, and I really enjoyed working with it. I used some black Wollmeise Twin for the toe and heel, and for the first time tried out an afterthought heel. I thought I would rather kitchener stitch a heel closed than pick up black hard to see wraps! I made these toe-up, two at a time, 64 stitches on 2.25 mm needles.


Now, I need to cast on some more! I am contemplating starting a spring sweater, in hopes that spring might ever grace us with her presence here in Eastern Canada. For real, this morning, March 17, it was -27 degrees Celsius with the wind chill, -17 degrees Celsius without. Not a normal spring!



4 thoughts on “FO: Forbidden City socks

  1. Oh my goodness, -17 is something else! You gotta knit more 🙂 Here in central Europe we’ve had one of the mildest winters ever, and a super early spring It’s insane, but I have to admit that I do enjoy it.

    • An early spring sounds good right now! I went snowshoeing today. Without my snowshoes the snow was well over my knees. I just hope that it doesn’t warm up too quickly or we will have lots of flooding here. Fingers crossed for a gentle warming…

      • Awww, snowshoeing! That’s great, though. Is it sunny at least? Let’s hope for a smooth and soon-ish transition into spring without flooding or other damage 🙂

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