FO: Fred and George socks


This is my third Rachel Coopey pattern this year! She is just the best…anyway, this pattern is from the Harry Potter inspired pattern collection that Interweave published last year and is named Fred and George socks, after the Weasley twins in the Potter books.

I would have liked to do the socks in reverse colours, like the pattern suggests, but I was working with small quantities of leftovers. The yarn is Wollmeise Twin 80/20, a lovely fingering weight yarn from Germany. If you have never knit with it before, trust me, it really is lovely. It seems to be made from a whole bunch of plies! I never counted but I would guess 8 or 10…so the yarn is a unique makeup. Also, the colours….they seem to glow from within they are so saturated. Here, I have used leftover Pistazie from my Saxifrage socks, and some leftover Blau Tinte. Blue and Green should never be seen? I beg to differ.


These socks were so fun to knit! First the colourwork, and then a textured ribby twisted stitch pattern to carry through the rest of the leg and foot. I did run out of Blau tinte on the second sock, but a kindly Raveler from the UK sent me 25 grams so I could finish. Hurray!




I worked on these while we escaped winter in Florida for a week and half. We visited Universal Studios and of course had to go to Harry Potter world. Here are a few pics from Hogsmeade in Orlando 🙂





My wonderful daughter holding up my sock in progress in front of The Three Broomsticks.



Here my son is double-fisting butter beer (the frozen one is the best!!) and pumpkin juice (mostly apple juice, so not as gross as you may think).




The Weasley’s car! Loved it. So fun and nice to escape winter for a short time. They are working on a new ride (based on Gringott’s) which looks really cool. They are also building a small “London” and there will be a train that runs from London, up to Hogsmeade so we may have to go back!



2 thoughts on “FO: Fred and George socks

  1. Lovely pictures. I envy your sock knitting skills. I’m more of a scarf knitter. I would so love to learn how to knit socks too but it looks challenging especially when you are knitting with different colors and working in different designs. I guess I need to work up the confidence to try …haha… 🙂

    • Oh don’t be intimidated! Colour work is so much easier than it looks. I would recommend knitting a heavy plain sock first though 🙂 my first couple of pairs of fine socks that I knit, seemed to take forever, so some patience is in order. I find I seem to get faster with every pair I knit.

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