FO: Bluesand cardigan


I have been admiring Rililie’s Bluesand cardigan since she completed it last fall. The pattern was released in January and was an instant hit! There have been so many lovely bluesand cardigans to look at lately, and one day last month, during a fierce snowstorm, casting on a cotton cardigan seemed like a spring-like and hopeful thing to do.


I have had this DK weight  indigo dyed cotton in my stash for years. I had bought it deeply discounted from an old chain here in Canada called Lewiscraft. I used to love Lewiscraft; they carried some Patons yarns, many craft kits and supplies, and I loved buying children’s birthday presents there. Anyway, the chain closed years ago. This denim yarn was my last purchase at Lewiscraft, and I am pleased to finally be knitting with it. I had two colours in my stash to work with, so despite the fact that the pattern uses three colours, since I was knitting from stash, I decided to make it work with only two.



The Bluesand cardigan features topdown seamless construction, a favourite of mine, and incorporates some different techniques into the yolk and armhole shaping: elements of raglan, saddle and short-row shaping are all used, sometimes all at once! Have no fear though, the pattern may seem daunting at first, but a line by line instruction is provided for the yolk, and I found that easy to follow.

This is my best imitation of a cool Rililie pose :-)

This is my best imitation of a cool Rililie pose 🙂

After the sleeve stitches were taken off, knitting the body was straight forward. There is some short row shaping at the bottom to get the curved hemline, which is so popular these days (truth be told, I almost omitted the short row shaping since I try to not knit trendy things). I do love how the pockets ended up slanted due to the short row shaping before the textured band at the bottom. Plus the pockets are striped…so cute!! Love the little details like that.



The only mods I made to the pattern were to shorten it a bit, and I left out the textured arm band, as I didn’t think it would look great on me. I think I will be getting lots of wear out of this cardigan, especially now that spring has finally arrived.



Not sure what I will be casting on next, but have you seen Rililie’s new design? It makes me swoon.



6 thoughts on “FO: Bluesand cardigan

  1. Thank you, it was a really fun knit. I really like cardigans, especially when they have pockets, but this is my first one in cotton, so it will be great for the warmer months. I still love knitting socks, though. They are my absolute favourite!

  2. I am knitting this as my very first sweater and I am all most done. I am to the neckband where it tells you to place the two markers for the decreases and I have no idea where to put them. I am doing the saddled raglan yoke. I don’t know if there is anyway you could help me but anything would be appreciative! Thank you, Chelsea

    • Hi Chelsea! You picked a wonderful pattern for a first sweater, I think. The pattern is very well written and detailed. I think I recall the part you are talking about exactly. It refers to putting markers at the same spot where when you first cast on, markers B were placed. This is at the point where you were increasing for the back portion of the sweater. I did refer right back to the cast on instructions thought to make sure I was putting the markers for the decreases on the band in the right spot. Does that make sense? Good luck with the band! I didn’t think I was ever going to finish that i-cord bind off 🙂

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