FO: Hint of Summer


I just finished my first garment test! I have tested hats and socks and small projects for people, but never a sweater before. I was on Ravelry, and I saw Isabell Kramer’s beautiful sweater when I saw she was looking for people to test knit. So I was lucky enough to get picked.


After stash diving I came up with two skeins of lace weight. Madelinetosh Lace and Alpaca With a Twist Fino. More information on the yardage I used and needles can be found on my Ravelry page here. This was a first for me: knitting a sweater with lace weight, not doubled or anything. At first I couldn’t believe how terrible my stitches looked, but I eventually got the hang of it. I also knew that blocking would smooth everything over, thank goodness!


The sweater is knit top-down, but it started with a provisional cast on at the underarm in the back, then you knit up to the back of the neck, work each side of the v neck down to the underarm at the front, then join in for working in the round right down to the bottom. The optional sleeve stitches were picked up and worked top down as well.



Today was the perfect day to wear it! So light and airy! Have you seen her other designs? What a talent! She has so many I would love to knit. She recently had a sale on Ravelry and I helped myself to Ravello and Elementary.

I have some projects that I need to complete before I tackle another sweater, though 🙂





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