Signs of Spring

Finally feeling those sure signs of spring. It may be chilly today, but the birds are coming back; I can see and hear them. Today the sun felt strong, too. The knitting urge has  not abated however, and I find myself wanting to make sooo many things. I have a couple of babies to knit for, too, so I am looking forward to that!

Firstly, I have a couple of FOs to share. I finished my Business Casual Socks and they turned out great. What a fun pattern. Not too hard, yet not too simple either…just right. My project page can be accessed here. This was a part of CelticCastOn’s KAL and it was tons of fun!



I used Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in the colourway Dove. I also finished another pair of socks with some Tanis Blue Label in Gold: These are Chrystanthemum Frutesecens socks from Hunter hammersen’s book “The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet”. These socks really took me to task. Every row was a lace row (no rest  rows) and there lots of yarn overs at the end of the needles that I kept losing…but I am a stubborn one and I persevered! My project page is right here.



So happy with these pretty, picot edged socks.

I also finished a shawl! Haven’t made one in a while, but I wanted a shawl that was nice and wide. I had some lovely Noro Silk Garden sock in my stash, plus 2 skeins of Cashmere Queen, and I am so pleased with the result. The pattern is Metalouse by Stephen West. Here is a link to my metalouse project page.



I really need to get a new project on the needles. I have many gauge swatches made, so I really need to stop getting so darned distracted and pick one!



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